Tea Importer

Driven by our passion for sourcing high-quality teas from around the world, we have provided you with a number of ways in which to source your tea. You have our shop in Sassafras, where you can also have a browse at our crazy teapot collection; or if you are not in Melbourne, we also have our online store. For those of you who have businesses in the hospitality industry; we have our warehouse where you can source a large number of our quality teas and have them delivered to your café or restaurant. We strive to provide you with only the best quality service when you come to visit us.



The wholesale arm of our business has been in operation since 1998, where we continue to import, manufacture and distribute the same extensive range that we sell in the Tealeaves ‘the Crazy Teapot shop’. Not only do we negotiate directly with the producers of our high-quality tea, but we also inform other wholesalers and businesses on current tea trends.



Tea leaves were early adapters to technological change with the commencement of our online store in 2004. Having our online store has allowed us to have a broad reach to encourage tea-drinking people to enjoy high-quality tea varieties, rather than settling for low quality, cheaply available commercial teas alternatives. Our online store nicely supports and complements our ‘bricks and mortar’ shop, as this can be the best way to continue to replenish your collection.



Based in the heart of Sassafras, Tealeaves the Crazy Teapot Shop has been built from the ground up. Established in 1994, the team at Tealeaves have been advocating for the availability and range of quality tea’s sourced from tea-loving cultures from across the world. We stock 300 amazing tea varieties as well as offering you the opportunity of exploring our unique collection of novelty teapots.