Matcha Tea

Green tea powder

The world recently discovered what Asia knew ages ago!!

"Drinking Matcha will calm you down, when you feel a bit frazzled"

"Drinking Matcha will energise you, when you feel a bit sluggish"

Taking Matcha is stimulating and invigorating as the caffeine content is almost as high as coffee, but the big difference is slow release. Coffee caffeine releases quickly, while Matcha caffeine releases slowly, over a 2-3 hour period due to its chemical properties:
L-Theanine, a relaxing amino acid and Catchechin EGCG, a powerful antioxidant.

Drinking Matcha is more potent than a pure tea infusion because Matcha is powdered leaf.

Only the finest, smallest, youngest, topmost leaves from the tea bush are plucked for making the highest grades of Matcha. This grade is rare and expensive and such leaves are also blended with larger leaves to make a range of Matcha grades.

Japan has developed a unique production method for Matcha.

When the new leaves start to bud, the crop is 90% shaded from sunlight until harvest, giving a very different taste than Sencha, which is grown in 100% sunlight.

The buds and leaves are hand picked, steamed, then de-stemed and de-veined to become known as Tencha.
The Tencha leaves are then slowly ground to a superfine Matcha powder, in a slow turning granite stone mill.

Superfine Matcha powder will degrade quickly when exposed to sunlight so correct packaging and storage is vital to preserve Matcha qualities.

Japanese Matcha Tea


At Tea Leaves, we are the trusted supplier of green tea Matcha in Australia. We sell our matcha tea to wholesale and retail customers. Buy our Matcha tea and discover the health benefits it offers. Buy Matcha Green tea in Australia at Tea Leaves! 



What are Matcha green tea benefits?


Green Matcha tea offers many benefits to users. It contains antioxidants referred to as catechins that are beneficial to your health. It is specifically high in catechins referred to as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that has been believed to help in fighting cancer. Besides, Matcha tea helps prevent heart disease and type-2 diabetes. It also helps with weight loss. At Tea Leaves, we offer you the best quality Matcha tea to help enchance your health and fight and prevent common diseases and health conditions. 


Additionally, Matcha tea detoxifies the body effectively and naturally, helping enhance the immune systems and remove toxic substances in the body that weaken the functioning of the body cells. Drinking the tea helps calm the mind while also relaxing the body. People who drink this tea experience enhanced mood – it helps improve mental concentration. 


Drinking Matcha tea provides your body with vitamin C, chromium, selenium, magnesium and zinc which is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. It also helps lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol in the body. You will boost your metabolism rate when you drink this tea while also helping burn calories and manage your weight. 



Is Matcha anti-inflammatory?


Yes, green tea Matcha powder contains anti-inflammatory properties because of its high levels of antioxidants. 


How do you make Matcha taste better?


If you drink Matcha tea, you will find that it has an earthy flavour – some people describe the taste as spinach-like or mossy. The key to enjoying Matcha tea is to ensure you buy high-quality powder. Matcha tea powder that is manufactured to attain a ceremonial or hyper-premium grade will ensure you enjoy your tea. You can also add honey or even lemon and milk to help flavour the tea and add more health benefits.


At Tea Leaves, we provide you premium-grade quality Matcha tea powder to ensure that you get the best flavour for an enjoyable brew. 



What are Matcha tea side effects?


While Matcha is considered to be safe when you drink it moderately, overconsumption can cause side effects like irritability, insomnia, headache, heartburn, diarrhoea, upset stomach or even constipation for certain people. To attain optimal benefits of Matcha tea, you may want to avoid drinking too much of it at one time. 



Can you drink Matcha every day?


Yes, you can drink Tea Leaves Matcha tea every day. Having a cup of Matcha tea in the morning helps brighten your day as you begin the day with focus, energy, and concentration. It helps you combat diseases detoxifying the body to help boost the function of cells including white cells that help fight diseases in the body. Also, taking Matcha tea in the morning and evening can help you with weight loss. 


At Tea Leaves, we allow you to discover the many health benefits that come with Matcha tea leaves. You can buy our Matcha tea in wholesale or in retail. We sell from our physical brick and mortar store and online. You can easily order our Matcha tea online and we will ship it to you. We package all Matcha in light sensitive packaging.

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