Oolong Tea

Oolongs, with their full-bodied brews and fragrant aromas, have inspired the Chinese and the Taiwanese for centuries. These teas are partially oxidized and thus fall between the blacks and the greens in the four tea families. 

Oolongs, depending on their origin and the skills of the tea master, can be light and fragrant or deep and roasted. Fine oolongs are meant to be infused several times, with different flavour notes released during each brew. 

Suggested Oolongs for every tea lover’s collection might include,

Iron Goddess (Ti Kuan Yin)The best known of Chinese balled oolongs, named for the goddess of mercy, is an aromatic and elegant tea manufactured in central Fujian province. The slightly twisted leaves unfurl in dark green colors and release a honey-colored liquor with a delicately sweet floral flavour. 

Ginseng Oolong (Lady Orchid) This popular oolong tea is processed with powdered American Ginseng root and licorice root powder and then rolled into tiny solid-looking pellets. Sweet, earthy green aroma, notes of fresh hay. Pleasantly bittersweet with a soothing, soft finish.

Oolong tea and its benefits

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What are the benefits of oolong tea?

Oolong tea is host to some wonderful health benefits, it has been studied widely and is a popular drink choice due to its lower caffeine levels and it’s weight loss benefits. Below are some of the benefits that can come when drinking oolong tea. 

  • It boosts your metabolism! 
  • Aids weight loss. 
  • It can help concentration
  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Aids digestion 
  • Helps promote healthy hair growth 
  • Strong bones and teeth!
  • Stabilizes glucose 

Can I drink Oolong tea everyday?

You can drink oolong tea everyday! It is recommended that a person should drink between 2-3 cups a day to benefit from the tea’s health properties. 

Oolong tea has less caffeine than black  teas, however tea can lower your body's ability to absorb iron, as everything in life drinking tea should be done in moderation. 

Does Oolong tea help lose weight?

Like a lot of tea, Oolong can help boost your metabolism, which in turn will increase the amount of fat you burn during exercise. Studies have shown that when you drink oolong tea, it can tell your body to burn fat! 

There have been several studies done on the different affects oolong tea has on a person, one study of overweight and obese Chinese adults looked at the effect on body weight. The participants drank 300 milliliters of tea, four times a day. The results showed that more than half the participants had lost more than 1 kilo over a span of six weeks. It is suggested that you consume your oolong tea between 30 and 60 minutes pre exercise.  

Does Oolong tea make you sleepy?

Sleep is so important to us, it gives our brain time and a chance for our body to rest after a hard day's work. We are always looking for ways to help improve our quality of sleep. Tea has been a part of bedtime routines for centuries, the slowing down of the day, taking time to enjoy a cup helps prep the body for a nice rest. Oolong tea can help stimulate the alpha brain waves that are responsible for a relaxed state of mind. Oolong also has less caffeine than your black tea, making it a lovely option for an evening drink. 

How does Oolong tea taste?

Oolong tea’s flavour and colouring can vary depending on the level of oxidation during processing. The color of the leaves and steeped brew can vary from green to golden to brown
Its flavor isn’t just one type, it can vary from light and floral to full bodied and grassy. Some oolongs are sweeter and others have more of a bite. If you would like to discuss what type of taste you’d prefer, contact us to talk Oolong some more!

If oolong tea isn’t to your liking, a lot of tea has similar benefits! Explore the benefits of green tea, soothing chamomile or a simple black tea. 

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