The flowerball leaves will open one by one, like petals slowly unfolding, or suddenly like a ray of light, then the dried natural flowers slowly unfold into a full coloured blossom, floating above the green tea base. Precious and prized, these teas create magic moments in a tea-lovers life. Highly aromatic taste.


SKU 1133
Brewing Time: 2 mins
Brewing Temp °C: 80
Brewing Quantity: 1 Ball
White Tea (Camelia sinensis)
Spectacular and very good tasting Jasmin Ball
By: on 12 February 2024
This is special!! If you have a glass teapot you can put on a bit of a show with these Jasmin balls. They unfurl and expand to become an impressively spiky piece of green stalks. Give it 5 minutes to steep for a wonderful Jasmine flavour to develop and a pink golden colour. Do take out the ball after 7 or 8 minute to prevent the tea becoming bitter.

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