Author: Directors of Tea Leaves  Date Posted:1 May 2019 

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Nature Flavours

Nature flavours originate from natural vegetable raw materials such as fruit, spices, herbs or roasted coffee.

Producers may use only physical, enzymatic or microbiological processes; for example squeezing, distilling, warming, and filtration, grinding, blending, fermenting or crushing.

Nature flavour is not necessarily made from the named fruit or vegetable and of course the flavour components are extracted in a laboratory.

Nature flavours are less stable and evaporate over time making then less suitable for hot beverages.

Nature Flavours Nature Flavour


Nature identical flavour

In contrast to nature flavours, nature-identical flavours are made by chemical synthesis and have a chemical structure identical to a natural substance.  

Compared to nature flavours, nature-identical flavours are more stable, with an intensive smell and taste. They are especially used if the flavour needs to be heat-resisting and acid-resisting or if the product needs a long shelf life. 

The flavour combination of ingredients used in a nature-identical flavour is a closely guarded commercial recipe.

Nature Flavours Nature Identical Flavour


Organic flavour

From July 2019, flavour additives used in certified organic beverages will also need to be certified organic. We are working with our suppliers to meet the new requirements.



Artificial Flavours

Artifical flavours are not allowed in tea. By design and manufacture, they may taste and smell similar to nature flavours but they are not chemically identical to the nature flavours.

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