Decaf Tea

Decaffeinated Teas

After the decaffeination process, these teas may still retain a trace of caffeine (the percentage of caffeine is not registered on tea specifications charts). Although it is not possible to remove all traces of caffeine from tea, there is still only a residual amount compared to regular tea.

TEALEAVES imports teas using the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) decaffeinating process; steamed leaves are placed in a chamber then pressurized CO2 dissolves the caffeine. The CO2 is then removed from the chamber which is returned to atmospheric pressure, allowing the remaining CO2 to evaporate. There are no harmful residues.

DIY Decaffeination

Steep your favourite tea leaves at the temperature suggested for 30-60 seconds then drain the liqueur and re-steep the leaves in fresh hot water for the recommended time. This first steeping removes the majority of the caffeine (it will still have a small amount, as do commercial decaffeinated teas).

A perfect cuppa before you retire at night.

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