A hearty breakfast blend of ASSAM TGFOP and CEYLON FBOP black teas with a hint of bergamot and vanilla.


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Brewing Time: 3-4 mins
Brewing Temp °C: 100
Brewing Quantity: 1 teaspoon or 1 pyramid tea bag
Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Nature Identical Flavour Vanilla Beans, Cut (Vanilla Planifolia)

A lyrical way to start the day

By: on 7 December 2019
The harmony of the bergamot with Assam and Ceylon black teas, with a touch of vanilla, makes this our favourite morning cup, and after a brisk walk in the bush, it makes us ready for anything! Try it, and you too will cry "Eureka!"


By: on 28 October 2019
This tops my list of favourite Tea Leaves teas.


By: on 15 October 2019
If you are an Earl Grey fan but prefer to keep it as a treat, then Eureka is an excellent all-day substitute, with a light bergemot taste to give a lift to your tea. Great for breakfast!

My wake up tea

By: on 21 September 2019
My friend gave me two bags of this tea and it became an instant fav and led me here to order more supplies and new teas to try I think it’s the Bergamot that sets this above any other ordinary black tea it gives it a subtle but nice sharpest and I make it a must every morning and take it with me on my college day to keep me alert throughout the day

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