Grown in the lush, tropical North East corner of India, a carefully processed tea with lots of golden tips. A deliciously malty and rich flavoured tea for the connoisseur!


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Brewing Time: 3-4 mins
Brewing Temp °C: 100
Brewing Quantity: 1 teaspoon
Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis)
An excellent Assam!
By: on 9 March 2022
I am a little in awe of Stephen's recent review of this excellent tea, and probably there is not a lot I can add - he's right, this is definitely in a class of its own. Despite being 2nd Flush, it goes down as well as any Assam I have enjoyed, equal to my memories of several 1st Flush teas. This is a full bodied, rich tea which we enjoy in the evening after dinner, but sometimes in the afternoon as well. The golden tips make it a wonderfully visually attractive tea prior to brewing, and the aroma from the caddy upon opening adds to the whole tea-making experience too. If you like Assam at all, this is one not to be missed!
Incomparable flavor.... the worlds best tea?
By: on 25 February 2021
The fragrance of this tea hits you like a freight train when you first open it and, on subsequent opening. If high-end French perfumeries could bottle it, they would snap it up. I am an organic farmer with a good understanding of growing conditions, and I am perplexed at how somebody could create such a unique flavour; everything must’ve come together; the nutrients, the breeding, depth of knowledge, which I assume goes back a long way to create such a superb tea. Even though Assam is an intense bodied flavour, the quality of this one makes it relatively light, not muddy. It is suitable as a standalone tea that you wouldn’t usually use Assam for; it is often blended to lighten the flavour. Like musical notes, Assam is a base note, and Sri Lankan teas provide a middle note, and the astringent Darjeeling provides a high note; as do the white teas, my personal preference is to blend all of these to create a very refined tea.

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