A blend of classic Earl Grey tea and cream flavouring to give a soft finish.


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Brewing Time: 3-4 mins
Brewing Temp °C: 100
Brewing Quantity: 1 teaspoon
Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Nature Identical Flavour
By: on 19 July 2024
This puts 'ordinary' Earl Grey (which probably has less additives but who cares), into a bit of the shade. I have a small, delectable cup of this every morning. I fear I may never want anything else!

Tea Leaves Response
Thanks for the great review, Debra. Our Earl Grey Cream tea doesn't have any extra additives in the tea, just black tea and flavour! So you can enjoy it to your heart's content. The team@tealeaves.
By: on 31 August 2022
i used to think the only Early Grey tea worth drinking was the one with blue flowers, but that was soooo pre-covid. now that i have started drinking the EG Cream variant i am finding i can lift small cranes with a single hand, jump over skyscraper buildings and run from Sydney to Brisvegas in less than 20 minutes. But the best part is the taste. OMG, soooooo delish-capish!! Thanks Tealeaves!!! you rock, your earl grey cream rocks and i feel like a winner!!

Tea Leaves Response
Wow! we never knew our tea was so powerful! So glad you have found your new go to. You rock. the team @ tealeaves
Delicious creamy Earl Grey
By: on 17 June 2022
I first tasted Cream Earl Grey in a little teashop in North Carolina and was hooked. This is just like it, and I’m so glad I’ve found one here in OZ. The cream flavour balances well with, and even enhances the bergamot. My absolute favourite Earl Grey.
delightful Earl Grey
By: on 11 August 2021
I love Earl Grey and enjoy trying different varieties. This Cream Earl Grey is one of the nicest I’ve ever tasted. Tbe creamy taste is very complimentary to the bergamot. Highly recommend.
Beautiful Variation.
By: on 23 November 2019
A gorgeous smooth variation on a classic Earl Grey. The caramel balances the flavour of the bergamot to create a comforting cup :)

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