Clam style opening mesh ball infuser, with a fine chain. Suitable for use in teapots.

Small: 4.5cm diameter

Medium: 5cm diameter

Large: 6.5cm diameter


SKU 6686
Brand Infuser
An economical infuser
By: on 29 August 2019
I recently purchased the 5cm ball. And it's pretty good so far. Here are my observations: -The 5 cm ball will be good for finer/smaller leafed teas, but probably not as good for chunky herbals. For teas that have very large pieces, you may want the next size up. -This infuser is two separate pieces which are held together with a small, clamped piece of metal. It's pretty loose and wobbly when you open it, which makes it feel quite fragile. But if the little piece of metal breaks, it does seem like it would be easy to repair. -The clasp that secures the two pieces together for steeping feels very tight, and there's no gap. So you don't have tea leaves and bits escaping into your tea. The quality feels reasonable for the price, and I think I'll get a lot of use out of it.

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