The sweet aroma and flavour of fresh roses blended with superior black tea from Sri Lanka make a wonderfully delicate cup.


SKU 1197
Brewing Time: 3-4 mins
Brewing Temp °C: 100
Brewing Quantity: 1 teaspoon
Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Nature Identical Flavour Rose Petals (Rosa x Centifolia)
A sensual tea that will inspire your morning
By: on 26 February 2021
This tea is an absolutely beautiful blend of quality black tea and rose, and the tea is better for having the rose in it. The tea is rather strong, hence it is wonderful as a breakfast tea, yet the rose tames the tea and imparts a smoothness and refreshing aftertaste to the palate. When you add milk to this equation, the whole thing becomes a sensual experience in a cup. So, give this tea a try - sit with it for a few cups till you get used to it - then you will become enamored with it. A sure winner from Tea Leaves.

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