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Organic Apple, Beetroot, Carrot & Orange
 is refreshing with notes of Aniseed & Chillies, subtly sweetened with natural Apple. No caffeine.

(tea scoop not included in caddy)



SKU 4523
Brewing Time: 5-8 min
Brewing Temp °C: 100
Brewing Quantity: 1 teaspoon
Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum) Apple Bits (Malus Communis) Beetroot, Cut (betula vulgaris) Bell Pepper Flakes, Red (Capsicum annuum) Caraway seed (Carum Carvi) Carrot Bits (Daucus Carota) Chillies (Capsicum spec.) Ginger, Peeled & Cut (Ziniber Officinale) Nature Flavour Orange Peels, Cut (Citrus sinensis)
Well pleased
By: on 28 September 2021
Being a hard dyed black tea drinker it was with some interest I purchased this mix thinking it would be refreshing served iced in hot weather. However I really enjoyed the warm version. Not sweet, floral or spicy it was refreshing, smelt like tea and was particularly pleasant. The iced version lost it's strength and would benefit from the addition of honey or similar. A lovely tea.

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